You can still get help via our online Cath, WhatsApp, email and phone. We will make sure you understand our services and work environment so that you can gain trust in us.

The turnaround time for a logo from sales to completion is typically 3-5 days, subject to my workload which will be discussed before any payments are made. Timescales are also dependent on response time, and any additional changes to designs.

You will be presented with 2 logo options, if not happy with 2 logo option we will send final logo based on your clear logo brief and based upon agreed objectives. Once final payment has been made, you will own the copyright to the final agreed design.

Once your logo design is completed I will supply a comprehensive kit of files to allow the use of the logo across various mediums. Below is a summary of what I will provide:

CMYK version – Full colour printing is made up of only 4 colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These 4 colours mix together to build up any images you can imagine. You will need this format when you require printed material that displays full colour images on the same page. Provided in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format.

Pure black or Gray Scale version – Like it says, this version is pure black version of your logo. This is ideal for black and white, or single colour documents. Provided in png file format.
RGB version – Unlike print colours, screen colours are made up of Red, Green and Blue, mixing the light of each colour to make up the full colour spectrum. Your logo will be provided as an optimised Jpeg file format, and transparent PNG, as well as SVG, which is a vector version for digital use.

  • 50% Deposit on all Design project above R500 is required before work commence
  • Full amount is required for printing Items none refundable
  • Quotation may be subject to change if additional work is required.
  • No final artwork or files will be delivered until final invoices are paid in full
Yes we do refund  clients only if:
we have failed to deliver client project, and also if we can’t handle your project, and if project is causing lot of pressure and poor communication with the client.

if project has been started there will be no refund if a client changes his/her mind about the design and try to use somebody else

a 50% deposit is none refund once project has been started.

An idea is the most important element in a logo design process. So please do not expect me to do it for free.

All Our Domains are Hosted with Afrihost.
Follow this step on how to manage/access your account:

Login to your account and access emails

01    Login to Clientzone
02    Put Username and Password given by Mabaso Ink
03    Go to Hosting
04    Click on the domain name you want to access
05    Click Manage Email
06    To Create an email Click Create
07     To Change password Click Manage
08    Quick check emails click on Check Email

Enter the email address used to sign up your afrihost accounts along with your ClientZone password

Add your emails to your PC to access your emails easy.

    We prefer to use chrome or install chrome to your computer download here
02    Open your Browser, If your browser is opened click on new tab to + sign
03    On your browser menu below google search click  Add Shortcut
    1st line add name eg “My email” or  “Company Emails”  the way you want
05    Add url, your url will be given to you by mabaso ink or you can simple add urself  http://webmail. add your domain name here afret the dot. example >>
06    When you are done click add shortcut

Change Account Details including Phone Number:

01      Login to Clientzone
Go to My Account
Change Cellphone Number
04    To Change Password Click on Access Details

Change Account Details including Email Address:

01      Login to Clientzone
Go to My Account
04    To Change Email Click on Access Details

Missing Payment and checking Invoices:

01      Login to Clientzone
Go to My Billing
04    You can settle your account or make EFT payment

Now that you have created emails:

01     Login into your eamil using a PC on google Chrome
Go to Settings
03    Go to Identities and click on the middle the on the right information will show
04    Display Name >> add your company name
05    Organization >> add your company name
06    HTML signature  >> must be ticked
07    The space you can insect a design signature or you can write your information
08     Setting >> Go to Preferences >> Compose message

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